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Random Thoughts – January 5th

Sources: BC threatens to Fire Jeff Jagodzinski over Jets interview

We're BC! Wah,wah,wah.......

ESPN - Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski has been told he will be fired if he interviews for the head coaching vacancy with the New York Jets, which is scheduled for Monday, according to sources.  Despite the threat from athletic director Gene DeFilippo, Jagodzinski plans to do the interview with the Jets, the sources said. Those sources said that in the event Jagodzinski is fired, BC would promote offensive coordinator Steve Logan to head coach. According to the sources, DeFilippo first told Jagodzinski on Saturday that he would fired if he interviewed and then reinforced the school's position Sunday. Jagodzinski declined to comment when reached by ESPN.  BC spokesman Chris Cameron told ESPN's Joe Schad the school would have no comment. But another BC source said Jagodzinski informed his coaching staff of the development this weekend after at least two discussions with DeFilippo.


BC is going to fire Jeff Jagodzinski if he interviews for an NFL job?   That’s fucking classic!  Honestly who the fuck does Gene DeFilippo think he is?    Dude, you’re fucking BC!   Relax! You’d be doing Jags a favor if you fired him because then he could get out of his contract and go to a real school if the Jets thing doesn't work out.  So instead of making idle threats you should just be thankful that he’s done a good enough job to warrant interest from an NFL team.   Honestly I’ve never heard of anything this stupid in my life.   Since when can’t college coaches interview for NFL jobs?  It’s asinine.   Not to mention the fact that what type of coach would ever be dumb enough to come to BC in the future if they know they’ll get canned for exploring career advancement.   Seriously wake up BC. Obviously coaches that do a good job are going to want to go somewhere else. That's just part of what being a Tier 2 football program is all about. Deal with it.

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