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May 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's KO of Chuck Lidell for those interested...

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When Ottawa and Anaheim Do Battle, You Just Know That The NHL Is Involved

Stanley Cup Finals Preview from rearadmiral-

It's that time of the year again. June is upon us, PO Square looks like a laraloganVictoria's Secret rejection line (for the most part), the weather is hotter than Lara Logan from "60 Minutes", and...the Stanley Cup Finals are here! No, everybody please quiet down.

I know NHL fans are scarcer than actual American Indians nowadays. But there's still quite a handful of fans, particularly in the Boston area, contrary to popular/media belief (if you don't cover a sport, does it still exist?).

Yes, the NHL can still be a clusterfuck of a major sports league. Allowing a potential, and eventual, series-clinching overtime goal to be broadcast on a different, difficult-to reach channel to show Euroburger worship, after showing the first three periods of the game on another channel is an abhorrent, ridiculous error on behalf of the NHL, NBC, or both (particularly when the OT channel---Versus-- can't be reached by MILLIONS who received the first three periods on NBC). Hey NBC, why not schedule a night game instead of potentially clashing with a Triple Crown race? OT HAPPENS. Nobody watches fucking Saturday night TV anymore anyways so the ratings can't get any worse. {Quick aside: remember when Saturday night TV was good? Well, I did some internet research...turns out it was perfectly normal for 11-year-old boys to pop wood watching Rue McClanahan on the "Golden Girls"}.

In addition, there hasn't really been one truly compelling series yet and only one series has gone the seven game distance thus far (Dal vs. Van in the 1st round). And the Finals teams' home bases aren't exactly what induce wet dreams during Commissioner Gary Bettman's sleep. But fuck him. I'm a fan; I don't care about ratings. I'm watching no matter what. When you think about it, do you really care what fucking cities the teams are based in, unless you're at the game? No. I just want to watch the game regardless of whether it's Shreveport vs. Bangor or Boston vs. Detroit. It's the Finals---you either watch it or you don't. Kinda like "Full House" reruns.

Nonetheless, this year's Finals should a doozy. In the last few Finals, there's been a sleeper/Cinderella (Edmonton last year, Calgary in '04, Anaheim in '03, Carolina in '02) that upset the applecart. Not so this year. The plate is set for a classic series. The '07 Finals showcase two teams whose very legitimate goal in September (as opposed to say, um, the Bruins) was winning the Cup this year. Let's trot out some story lines:

  • Ottawa's Big 3 on the offensive side (Spezza, Alfredsson, Heatley) VS---if you can find it (get it?)--- Anaheim's Big 3 on the defensive side (Pronger, Niedermayer, and Beauchemin). The Sens have been virtually unstoppable thus far, compiling a 12-3 playoff record and three of the top four playoff scorers. But D typically kills O. Can the Ducks two-headed Norris Trophy Monster stave off the Sens?
  • The OC, bitch! versus all of Canada. It's that time again for Canadians...it happens every few years, when they must swear off allegiance to the team sacred to them to root for a possible provincial rival just so the Stanley Cup "goes home" to Canada. And nothing says "CANADA" like a Swedish captain! This year, collective Canada gets to root for the Jan Brady of the six Canadian NHL cities, Ottawa. "Montreal! Montreal! Montreal!" In America, it's xenophobia-- everywhere else...national pride!!!js
  • The Brothers Niedermayer playing for a cup with each other as opposed to playing against each other, as they did in 2003 when Scott beat Rob for his 3rd Cup with New Jersey.

This series is the epitome of a coin-flip. But because I'm one of the few degenerate NHL- amblers known to man, I gots to make a call. Ottawa is a well-oiled machine right now and looks unbeatable. But this is a whole new series so the last three series mean shit right now. Anaheim hasn't been completely on their game thus far but has managed to get this far thus far. To me, it's gonna boil down to goaltending. Ray Emery is going to do his best imitation of Cam Ward (last year's Conn Smythe/Playoff MVP and Cup winner). But JS Gigiuere is going to do his best imitation of JS Gigiuere...from 2003 when he won the playoff MVP. The Ducks (-1250 to make a dime) in seven on the spine of their 30-year old free-agent to be.

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Patriots' Marquise Hill Missing After Jet Ski Accident UPDATE: He's Dead

Marquise Hill's body was found today during a search of the lake.

A New Orleans radio station is reporting that Patriots' defensive hilllineman Marquise Hill is missing after a jet ski accident.

Former LSU Tiger and current New England Patriot football player Marquise Hill is missing in Lake Pontchartrain.

"I have hope.  He's a strong kid," Hill's Agent Albert Elias told WWL First News.   He says people should not assume the worst and asks that they assist in the search for the 6 foot 6 inch, 300 pound athlete.  "If we could get people out there to look for him... he can swim."

The Coast Guard early this morning added an aircraft to the search for  Hill on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

"We are conducting a first light search with an HH65 rescue helicopter from Air Station New Orleans as well as a small rescue boat," Coast Guard Petty Officer Thomas Atkinson told WWL First News.

He says Hill and woman fell off a jet ski last night near the Seabrook Bridge.  "A good Samaritan on the bank heard yells for help," Atkinson says, "They found a woman clinging onto a piling near the shore."

The woman told the boaters that Hill had been with her.   "As soon as they spotted him, they attempted to maneuver their boat into position to pick him up and lost sight of him." Atkinson says.  Hill disappeared in the darkness around 9:00pm.  

The Coast Guard used boats in the water and people on land to try and find Hill, but could not locate him Sunday night.   Atkinson says neither Hill nor the woman were wearing a life jacket.

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Wake Up Late On The Day Off With A 12.5 Game Lead & Marisa Miller

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12.5 games. The Yankees get swept by the Angels and the Red Sox sweep the Rangers and all of a sudden the AL East race is over on Memorial Day.

There's nothing left to do but enjoy the holiday, grill some food, fantasize about Marisa Miller and watch tonight to see if the lead grows to 13.5.





















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