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Random Thoughts – March 13th

Barstool Chick Hoops Exclusive: Pokey Chatman Learned A Tough Lesson- Don't Argue With Your Girlfriend In Public

How did one of LSU's assistant coaches find out that head coach Pokey pokeyChatman was in a relationship with one of her former players?

Because Chatman and her girlfriend had an absolute blowout fight in public about the head coach's relationship with a former player. In full view of several people connected with the LSU program. Which is never a good idea.

The story, which to Barstool's knowledge has not been reported anywhere else, goes something like this:

After a LSU game, Chatman's then girlfriend confronts her about the coach's relationship with one of her former players. Rather than retreat into a more private area, Chatman and her girlfriend proceed to get into a rip-roaring fight as numerous people associated with the LSU program look on. Chatman's girlfriend publicly reveals all the details about the coach's relationship with the unnamed player in front of stunned witnesses. The assistant coach widely reported to have first alerted LSU officials about Chatman's extracurricular relationship, Carla Berry, was in the area of the fight and later discussed the incident with other witnesses. Coach Berry then made the decision to reveal the contents of the fight to LSU higher-ups.

Maybe I've never coached a women's DI team to the Final Four and then had an affair with one of my players but I'm smart enough to know that when your current girlfriend confronts you about cheating in front of players, coaches and parents, you yank her into a closet or boiler room. That's just common sense. You never, ever, ever argue with your female significant other in public. It never, ever, ever ends well for you. You just don't do it. You wait until you get home, sit there and take it and fight back in the safety of your own home.

Pokey learned her lesson. The next time she decides to rob the cradle, she'll know better.

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