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September 7, 2005

John Dennis Voicemail for Ryen Russillo

Hopefully everybody remembers my random thought regarding John Dennis getting pissed at Ryen Rusillo for hitting on his daughter at a party a few weeks ago. This random thought is probably best remembered by the fact that I called John Dennis, Dennis Callahan by accident which spurred vicious hate mail for the following two weeks. Well today I make amends for my earlier mistake by providing the audio of the actual voice mail that John Dennis left for our boy Ryen Rusillo. And no we didn’t get this from Ryen. Frankly I’m not sure how we got it, but we have it and that’s all that matters. Here is the random thought I wrote about this incident a few weeks back. (Yes, I corrected the names)

I love the Boston Herald’s Inside Track. The following may be my favorite story yet from these chicks. Apparently John Dennis is pissed at Ryen Russillo of 1510. And it’s not because of something he said on the radio. Nope Dennis is pissed because Russillo tried to put the moves on his daughter Emily at a party (Bonus points for whoever can find a picture of this chick). For his part, Russillo doesn’t think he did anything wrong: “I refused to apologize because he wasn't there and didn't have all the facts,” Ryen told the Track. “We talked again and now we're done with this. I have bigger things out there to think about right now and I don't need the distraction. He's a schmuck.” HA! HA! HA! John Dennis didn’t have all the facts? Emily Dennis is a single chick? Russillo works for 1510. Dennis is on WEEI. Who wouldn’t want to bang the daughter of their competition? The only shame in this story is that Russillo failed. Emily Dennis just better hope she never shows up at a Barstool Party because we’ll be sending fighter pilots in on her all night long. And John Dennis can calm down. Don’t have your daughter go to parties if you don’t want her to be approached by the likes of Ryen Russillo.

Here's the voicemail.